Top Website Layouts That Never Go Out of Style

We all know that trends come and go. However, there are some layouts that will never fade out from the design world. These layouts have resisted until today and are not just popular now but are also timeless.

This article is a short guide to five layouts that never grow old. Whether you’re designing a website for your small business or just looking for ideas for your personal blog, these layouts will be useful for you. These five layouts are horizontal scrolling with pagination, vertical scrolling with pagination, grid layout, rectangle layout, and single-column layout.

Website layouts come in a variety of different styles. However, there are five most popular website layouts that are timeless. The five different layouts are horizontal scrolling with pagination, vertical scrolling with pagination, grid layout, rectangle layout, and single-column layout.

Horizontal Scrolling With Pagination: This layout is when you have a website that scrolls horizontally across the screen with pages that are loaded as you continue to scroll. It’s preferred for sites where you want to show lots of content or a lot of photos at one time.

Vertical Scrolling With Pagination: This site has the same idea as the previous one; however, it scrolls vertically down the screen instead of horizontally across it. It’s perfect for sites where you want to show lots of content or a lot of photos at one time without having to scroll across an entire page to get through all your content.

Grid Layout: This layout is perfect for showing a lot of information on a single page at one time. You have four columns and four rows which allow you to show four pieces of data at once in each square box.

Rectangle Layout: This layout consists of a header followed by four columns (which could be rectangles or squares) and three rows (which can also be rectangles or squares). If you’re looking for something simple but will still grab attention, this is probably what you need.

The Horizontal Scrolling With Pagination Layout 

One old-school website layout is horizontal scrolling with pagination. The basic idea is to divide the content into multiple pages, like a blog or magazine. You can use this kind of layout for any type of website, including eCommerce stores and blogs.

The first page loads as soon as someone opens the site, and then they scroll down until they find what they’re looking for. This design is also known as a “jumping” layout because it jumps from one section to another. This is a mobile-friendly layout because it’s easy to scroll through on a small screen.

The Vertical Scrolling With Pagination Layout 

This layout is a vertical scrolling with pagination layout. It has the following features:

– A single column of content that scrolls vertically

– The pagination is at the bottom of the page

A single column of scrolling content may seem like an outdated design, but there are still many benefits to this layout. The most popular benefit of a scrolling page is the ability to have more content than would be on an individual page. Scrolling through a web page provides a user with more information than he would get on one static page.

This layout is also great for brands that want to show off their portfolio or services because they can include more items in one place. Additionally, this layout makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for because pagination allows them to go back and forth to different pages in order to find what they need.

The Grid Layout 

This type of layout is perfect for any website where you want to show a lot of information. This layout is made up of columns and rows with equal spacing in between them. These columns are typically about one-third the width of the browser window, and columns can be as many as needed. A grid layout is great for websites that need to convey a lot of information or products, such as an eCommerce site.

The Rectangle Layout 

The rectangle layout is one of the most popular layouts for websites. This type of layout is useful for displaying a variety of content, such as images and text. With this type of layout, you can easily switch from one content to another without making any changes to your website’s code. The rectangle layout also makes it easy for visitors to read through information quickly without feeling overwhelmed by too many fonts or colors on the screen.

The Single Column Layout 

The single-column layout is a simple and tidy way to present your information. It’s clean, easy to understand, and takes up minimal space. To use this layout, all you have to do is divide your content into the number of columns you need, with one column for each type of content.

If you wanted to create a website for a clothing store, for example, you could use this layout. The homepage would include information about the company and its history; the next page would showcase some of the latest products, and another page could feature products from different seasons or collections. You can also divide your content into more than three columns if needed.

The single-column layout is one of the oldest design layouts in existence because it has always been an effective way to present information. It’s flexible while still being visually appealing, so it can work well for any kind of website or article.


The way we browse the internet is constantly changing. With new devices and new ways of browsing, it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse of the latest trends.

But if you’re not sure where to start, consider taking a look at the following popular layouts that never grow old. Each layout has its own strengths and weaknesses, but all are worth considering if you’re building your website from scratch or redesigning an existing one.


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