The Popular Types of Web Designs you may consider for your Business

A perfect website may require that you get into finer details of picking the ideal web design for your website. There are several web designs that you may consider when building your business website. Most often, the type of device that your target customer niche uses will be a driving factor in picking an ideal web design for them. So what are these popular web designs you can consider? Let’s find out below.

Liquid/Fluid Web Design

Liquid web design allows the content on your web page to spread itself out to fill the width of the browser anytime you or other users resize the browser. This spreading ability will make the screen content look as though they are enlarged or shrunk depending on the screen size. This design is ideal for use in different browsers and opening multiple widths of videos, contents, and images in various screen resolutions.

Responsive Design

If you need a website design that is easy to navigate and read on different devices, you are probably looking for responsive web design. This design simplifies your website’s use as it allows users to use your website freely without resizing, panning, or scrolling through the webpage to read the website content.

The website can be easily viewed from any device, including smartphones, desktops, tablets, and iPhones. Using this design helps your designers to forego the need to design multiple website formats specific for different designs.

Fixed Design

With fixed web pages, the users of your website won’t be able to alter the site’s width on different browsers. This makes it disadvantageous to use on smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets since reading content on such devices becomes harder and annoying. Your site visitors who use these small devices will be required to scroll horizontally to view the other content on the page. Sometimes, they will have to select specific text and zoom them to read clearly.

You may have to choose this type of web design if a majority of your website visitors will be using larger screens to open your site. You can determine the best way to settle this from the advice of professional web designers .

Single Page Layout Design

Single-page website design is a web page that contains one HTML page without additional pages such as the About, Contact, or Features pages. On a single page, the content of the page’s website is fully loaded in the original page giving your web page users a continuous and fluid experience. On such website design, users will click navigation links that will allow them to jump to their preferred destinations on the page faster when they don’t feel like scrolling down the page to reach the different sections of the content.

Choosing an ideal website design should not be a daunting task if you involve all the necessary stakeholders. One of the key groups to consider before picking a web design is the targeted customer niche who are going to use your website to access your services. Understand your niche well, then choose the design that suits their needs.


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